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Don Hart



Don has over 28 years experience in real estate, energy and investment banking.  He holds an MBA degree from the Harvard Business School.  He joined a real estate development company after graduating from Harvard in 1985 and rose to the position of Executive Vice President, with over 30 development projects completed.


Mr. Hart has served as a real estate investment advisor to numerous firms including major Wall Street investment banks, internationally known developers, lenders, the FDIC, Fortune 500 companies and international companies.  He has extensive experience advising institutional buyers. Mr. Hart has led real estate conferences in several US and international cities for over 1,000 senior real estate professionals.  He spent several years as a real estate investment banker which has resulted in excellent ties with institutional investors.  Mr. Hart has been involved in over two billion dollars of investment transactions.


Mr. Hart has also been involved in oil and gas investments and leveraged buyout activities.




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